PT Gardener 2 @ UW Botanic Gardens



Washington Park Arboretum/Center for Urban Horticulture

School of Environmental and Forest Resources

College of the Environment

Position Description

Under supervision of University of Washington Botanic Gardens (UWBG) Washington Park Arboretum (WPA) Grounds Supervisor, perform skilled horticulture tasks requiring knowledge of cultivation and maintenance of the plant collections and native flora specific to Lake Washington Blvd E corridor project at WPA.

2 Job Openings, both are temporary .5FTE 6 month appointments. $17.69/hr @ 20hr/wk

Weed management:  hand, mechanical, and herbicide applications;

Soil management:  cultivation, topdressing with organic mulches, may assist remediation of compacted and poorly drained soils;

Mulching:  applying of arborist wood chip mulch to existing landscaped areas, planting beds and restoration sites;

Fertilization:  applying granular and liquid fertilizers;

Irrigation: setup and operation of manual sprinklers and hand-watering for irrigation of new and existing collections and restoration plants not covered under automatic irrigation systems; assist in minor irrigation repairs

Pruning:  pruning plant collections and native flora;

Planting and transplanting:  preparing planting beds and restoration areas, installation of container and balled and burlapped trees, shrubs and perennials, may assist transplanting of trees and shrubs, other planting as assigned;

Application of horticultural chemicals:  application of herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides and other materials as prescribed by UWBG plant health care specialist;

Brush clearing:  removal of woody invasive or undesirable plants, includes follow-up with invasive plant control techniques and site restoration;

Assist in large tree work:  may provide ground support for tree pruning and removal and chipping of limbs to support UWBG arborist program in assigned project areas;

Hardscapes:  may install and maintain fencing, erosion control materials on slopes and along Arboretum Creek watershed, landscape fabrics, rock work, etc.;

Landscape renovation:  site preparation including soil and plant installation, trail work, rock installation and ability to follow landscape design drawings and details;

Use of manual tools and equipment:  rakes, hand edger, loppers, shovels, wheelbarrows, weeding forks, hoes, pruning shears, and pesticide sprayers;

Operate power and motorized equipment:  examples include; weed trimmers, chain saws, backpack blowers, tillers, small trucks, utility vehicles, lawn mowers, and sod cutters. With safety and operator training, may operate tractors, back-hoe, brush chipper and stump-grinder;

Volunteer Leadership:  leading volunteer work parties, includes collaboration with Student Conservation Association summer crews

Record Keeping and Mapping: submit plant condition, dead plant reports and maintain other horticulture records; with training, ability to use ArcMap software for mapping plant collections;

Direct the work of others:  may lead individual volunteers, community service projects, and horticulture staff in horticulture group projects within assigned project areas;

Perform related duties as required.

Requirements:  Required:  Physical ability to do the required work AND at least three years of experience or training involving grounds maintenance, plant care, cultivation and landscape installation OR equivalent education/experience.  Includes basic plant ID and culture (horticulture).  Possession of a valid State of Washington Driver’s License and Washington State Public Operators Pesticide Control license – WA state laws and safety, weeds, including aquatic, insects and disease (obtained within first 4 months of employment)

To Apply:

Email your resume to David Zuckerman @