Excellent Volunteer Opportunities!

*When you’re new to an industry, the best way to get the ball rolling on developing unique experience is through volunteering. Just a few hours a month, and you can network with individuals who work in some of the most desirable horticultural locations in the state. Get your foot in the door and build that resume!*

 South Seattle College Arboretum – 2nd Saturday Work Parties  -10:00-12:00!

 Woodland Park Zoohttps://www.zoo.org/volunteer/positions

  • Horticulture Volunteer: Assist in maintenance of various plants and gardens on zoo grounds (including the Woodland Park Rose Garden) that will be used as enrichments for zoo animals.

University of Washington Botanic Gardenshttps://depts.washington.edu/uwbg/support/volunteerNew.php

  • Herbarium Assistant
  • Herbarium Species Collector
  • Gardener Assistant
  • Plant Records Assistant
  • Many More!

 Seattle Japanese Gardenhttps://www.seattlejapanesegarden.org/get-involved/

  • Niwashi Volunteer
  • Garden Guides

Arboretum Foundation https://www.arboretumfoundation.org/volunteers/

  • Arboretum Steward
  • Greenhouse
  • NW Flower & Garden Show Volunteer

Seattle Tilth (Urban Agriculture)http://www.seattletilth.org/get-involved/volunteer/index_html

City of Seattle P-Patchhttp://www.seattle.gov/neighborhoods/programs-and-services/p-patch-community-gardening/p-patch-map

City of Seattle Parks & Recreationhttps://www.seattle.gov/parks/volunteer/current-volunteer-opportunities

  • Shoreline Marine Restoration
  • Urban Forest Maintenance
  • Trails Volunteer
  • Neighborhood Park Maintenance

Lake Wilderness Arboretumhttps://www.lakewildernessarboretum.org/volunteer-opportunities/

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